OCZ is the number one Solid State Drive (SSD) maker in the world.

OCZ Vertex 4 (256GB and 512GB Models)

OCZ SSD Vertex 4 drivesOCZ announced more than a year ago that it was planning to buy out Indilinx, credited as the SSD controller maker that served as a strong competitor to Intel when it was launched inn 2009. Eight months onwards, the company has successfully released another product, an SSD inspired by Indilinx silicon. Now, a mere five months after the Octane release, the company is moving on to making anther SSD, called Vertex 4. This new drive is based on the Indilinx Everest 2 silicon. In a span of a year or less, the company has successfully sold more Indilinx powered controllers and reached sales revenues that couldn’t even match what the company earned in the last three years. You cannot expect your new acquisition to show its benefits right away, but the company CEO, Ryan Petersen, is known for being advanced in his moves to get early results.

The company called the new SSD Vertex 4 instead of Octane 2. This shows how the company wants this SSD series to be identified more with its SSD lineup. The impact can be quite significant, especially when the Vertex drive was designed to operate without using a SandForce controller. Even if the release of Vertex 3 is to be continued and if the OCZ is used in SandForce, the idea might be worth considering. However, the company’s main goal is to make the fastest silicon and design it to be durable for long time, extensive use.

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The way the products are named also sets Everest 2 apart from the others, especially from Everest 1. The company also revealed that the Vertex 4 and Octane firmware uses the same code though they offer different performances. Octane usually has its write speed as its problem area though this was already resolved with Vertex 4. With the company and the Indilinx development team’s collaboration, the write amplification to be at par with Intel’s controllers.

OCZ actually succeeded in making Vertex 4 and correcting its previous mistake with Octane’s write performance. The specs can verify this.

The SSDs’ random write speed is excellent. OCZ managed to follow in SandForce’s write performance when it comes to highly compressible data while ditching any need for data compression. This is certainly beneficial for drive’s algorithmic aspect. The company was still working on the first Everest when OCZ took over so Everest 2 was the first project made by Indilinx that was fully supervised by OCZ. Even the CEO contributed to its design. You can find the Vertex 4 in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, with an anticipated 1TB model. The prices of these devices are still competitive though.


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