ocs ssd 1tbOCZ is the number one Solid State Drive (SSD) maker in the world.

Most of the drives are produced with top of the line SunForce controllers, but lately the OCZ has ventured into making their own controllers and firmware to produce even better performance as in read and write speed, error correction and NAND wear management.

OCZ Vertex 4 (256GB and 512GB Models)

petrol indilinx 1tbOCZ Technology manufactures computer hardware. Its headquarters is in San Jose, California. Since it started in 2002 with its memory storage products, its main focus has always been the computer hardware fans. It produces DDR RAM, USB drives, Video Cards, and other cooling products. The company has just released power supplies and Solid State Drives (SSDs). It is more focused now on data storage for enterprise and commercial purposes as it aims to expand its SSD product line. OCZ also makes SSD interfaces, such as PCI-Express, SATA II, and USB 3.0 for enterprise and client purposes. One of the company’s newest products, RevoDrive, a bootable PCI-Express drive, was released and targeted the hardware lovers. It has just informed the public about its newest SSD interface, HSDL, which features a high speed PCI-E/SAS hybrid interface as well as the necessary products for a fully functional SSD.


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